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Company Profile

Taiwan Longyou Hardware Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1987, under the leadership of Chairman Lin, seized the historical opportunities brought by the rapid development of China's reform and opening up and machinery hardware industry, insisting on customer-centricity and the spirit of striving for the future. From the small processing plant with only five employees to the birth of a precision gantry milling machine in 2008, we continued to innovate based on customer needs and won the respect and trust of our customers.


Today, Longyou Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. owns dozens of processing equipment imported from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, 15m large gantry mills, 13m gantry milling machines, Taichung Seiki computer lathes, and Taiwan's powerful machining centers and other world-leading precision manufacturing machines. In Humen, it has a 25,000-square-foot production base and has more than 200 outstanding employees. Longyou Machinery insists on the use of original imported shipments from Taiwan. The factory processes and assembles itself, and owns a variety of advanced precision measurement equipment. The parts are inspected, parts are assembled, and the production is on-line. Each machine tool must undergo 24 items Testing, such a complete inspection, to ensure that each Longyou machine can provide customers with high-quality, high-performance processing results. The company's equipment is complete, exquisite workmanship, more complete quality management system and excellent service system, and passed ISO9001: 2000 "Quality Management System" certification and national quality certification.


Longyou R&D and production: Precision gantry milling machines, precision horizontal milling machines, precision double-head milling machines, precision gantry machining centers, precision rotary tables, precision gantry grinders, CNC gantry milling machines, CNC double-head milling machines, CNC gantry grinders, CNC roughing Frame machine, precision machine tool accessories and so on.


Longyou is actively committed to the sustainable development of the social economy. It is guided by the needs of its customers, constantly innovating, advanced technology, stable and reliable structure, solid quality, and responsible service to help customers and industries improve efficiency and reduce energy. Consumption, promote low-carbon economic growth, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.